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    20,000 Days on Earth (and counting)

    By Jim on Nov 28, 2014 in Art , authority zero , Blog , Blue Collar Prophet , Music - 0 Comments

    For years i wrote music with friends, some close, some acquaintances. Years on end of non stop touring with some of my best friends, and through that, many more experiences writing music, on stage, in a van, bus, in a studio. My point is, last night I watched a movie / biography called 20,000 Days on Earth. This movie is about Nick Cave, singer / Songwriter of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. I felt this movie to be a bit “out there” but overall i connected with it on quite a few levels.

    “You’ve got to understand your limitations.
    Its your limitations that make you the most wonderful disaster you most probably are.
    For me that’s where collaboration comes in.
    To take an idea that is blind and unformed, and that is being hatched largely in solitude, and allow these strange collaborative creatures that i work with to morph it into something else, something better, well that’s really something to see.”
    – Nick Cave

    20,000 Days on Earth

    20,000 Days on Earth

    As artists we have a different perspective on things. we don’t see through the same eyes as most and i personally have always felt like allot of people “just don’t get it”. It’s truly hard to explain to someone who hasn’t been in that moment. Hasn’t experienced it for themselves. Honestly, even if they had experienced it, I think it’s virtually impossible for them to feel or experience what you’re seeing and feeling if they don’t see through your eyes. We’re different, yet the same, we’re here but at the same time always somewhere else. Me personally, My head never stops.  It’s truly a roller coaster ride of thoughts, ideas, and imaginations, and it’s these thoughts that lead me to the emotions that allow me to be a creative soul. I’m thankful for this, inspired by this and sometimes even burdened by this. Song writing and collaborating can be the most amazing and yet at the same time frustrating things you’ll ever do as a musician. To find the “right” group or even single person to connect with can be a daunting task all on its own. BUT, when it works, it really is a magical thing, and again a feeling that iv’e never been able to truly explain.

    “I love the feeling of a song before you understand it. When we’re all playing deep inside the moment the song feels wild and unbroken. Soon it will become domesticated and it will drag it back to something familiar and compliant and we’ll put it in the stable with all the other songs. But there is a moment when the song is still in charge and you just cling on for dear life and you are hoping you don’t fall and break your neck or something. It is that feeling we chase in the studio.”
    - Nick Cave

    Out of all the times i’ve attempted to share that feeling with someone, simply to explain my excitement and fire that’s FUELING inside me I though Nick Said it best there, and i’m sure he speaks for quite a few other people as well.



    By Jim on Feb 02, 2013 in Blog , Blue Collar Prophet , Music - 2 Comments

    It’s a common fact that I get asked to hang out quite a bit by my friends who love to party! The problem is that I learned a LONG time ago that without dedication your just not gonna get anywhere… of course that’s unless you just get lucky.  Thing is, THAT career never seems to last very long. If you want longevity you have to work for it and dedicate your life to whatever it is you’re doing.  This brings me to my point.  Staying motivated on a saturday when its 75 Degrees out and all your friends are sending you amazing photos of your favorite beer and asking what you are up to can be very difficult.  I find that I simply have to talk myself out of it 1 and remember that if you want success, there’s no time to rest.
    Recently I met a new friend who I found thinks exactly like I do.  Every day I’ve talked to him its been the same answer.  me: “what you up to?” Mike: “in the studio”.  I love it. Mainly because most of the time I kinda feel alone and like a hermit haha!  It’s nice to know there are other like-minded people out there who just simply want to work on furthering their career.
    In short, to all you dedicated people out there working when everyone else is playing, don’t worry you’re not alone!
    Keep your chin up and stay focused.  The party will come in due time.

    Been A WHILE!!!

    By Jim on Aug 21, 2012 in Blog , Blue Collar Prophet , Music , News - 0 Comments

    Well it’s definitely been a LONG time since I’ve posted on here…  Sorry to those of you who read my blog.  Allot has happened since my last post.  Most of you probably know cause we are friends on Facebook or you follow my Blue Collar Prophet page…. Either way i’m starting to post again and hopefully you’ll all still enjoy my posts!

    As most of you know I left Authority Zero back in December to pursue producing music and DJ’ing a bit more.  Since then I’ve started a record label called Unity of Noise.  The record label is going to be made up of 2 sides.  Digital and Analog.  On the digital side we’ll be looking for electronic artist such as DJ’s and producers of all types of electronic music out there. This of course was spawned by my own electronic music production and Blue Collar Prophet is the main focus as of now but we are always looking for artists so please send them our way!
    The Analog side of the label is going to be for bands.  As a musician for so many years, performing live is a huge passion and as much as I love producing I’ll never give up my love for playing drums therefore I’m giving back by trying to help bands release music.  Again if you know any bands you think we should check out please don’t hesitate to say something!!

    As Blue Collar Prophet (DJ) I’ve picked up 4 weekly residency’s consisting of Dos Gringos Scottsdale, Chandler and South Tempe locations, you can catch me at any of these locations Thursday though Sunday, playing a wide variety of Hip hop, Alternative, Top 40, Dance and even some heavier underground Electro! Also on the Blue Collar Prophet table has been of course producing a number of Remixed tracks and especially originals.  Quite a few of my tracks you can download FREE :)  If you haven’t checked out what I’ve been up to musically you can check out my Music page and have a listen!

    Cheers Everyone,

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